About Me

I was born and raised in central Iowa, leaving only for a few years for graduate school in Chicago and Berkeley.  I’ve had various career interests since I was a little kid, including archeologist, lawyer, geneticist, speech writer, seminary professor, and probably a few others I’ve forgotten about.  None of them ever felt quite right.  While each of them would have been interesting career choices, I found none of them to be what I was meant to do.

♦  No Expectations  ♦

I’ve always been fascinated with that line between the known and unknown, between the scientifically proven and that which we don’t understand and still seems like magic. My experience has taught me that our bodies and minds are capable of much more than we give them credit for, much more than we can understand with our current science and technology. So when I was introduced to the Unlimited Body™ and Unlimited Breath™ workshops, I began them not with the intention of starting another career path, nor to solve any of my life issues, but to explore that line between science and magic, and play on both sides of it.

♦  No Limitations  ♦

I found what I was looking for on this new path and so much more.  I’ve relieved chronic back pain, improved my emotional health, gained control over my busy mind, found a spiritual practice, created healthier relationships in all areas of my life, and improved my financial well-being.  And I’m not done yet!  My only limits are the ones I create for myself, and I’m letting go of those every day.  I achieved so much in such a short amount of time that I decided I wanted to help others achieve their own potential in their lives.  I had finally found the career that is right for me.  I’ve opened my practice and I’m ready to help you Achieve Your Potential!  No expectations!  No limitations!

♦  My Promise  ♦