You’re Worth It!

How many self-improvement books do you have at home?  How many of those have you read all the way through?  And of those, how many did you implement and stick with the suggestions contained in the book?

If you’re anything like me the answer to those questions are: a lot, not many, and ZERO!

Maybe it’s not books for you.  Maybe it’s workshops, online courses, counseling, or any number of hundreds of self-improvement methods.  It doesn’t matter the medium, most of us don’t have a good track record when it comes to sticking with any program we begin.  I won’t even bring up diets…oh wait…sorry. 😉

There can be several reasons for this. 

    • It wasn’t working for me.
    • I couldn’t manage the time commitment.
    • I found something else that I like better.
    • I don’t particularly like the author/leader/practitioner.
    • The change/fix isn’t happening fast enough.
    • (Insert your excuse here.)

I say “excuse” because that’s what each of these are.  They are a mask for a deeper issue that we don’t think we are worthy.  We don’t think we deserve to be happy or to live at our optimum. 

So we quit.  We insert the most believable excuse and move on until we find the next book, method, or guru.

What might it look like if you started to think you were worthy, even if it didn’t really seem true at the beginning?  How would you act differently if you thought you were worth the investment of time and energy?

Well I’m here to tell you you’re worth it!  If any one is worth it, you are!  And if you’re worth it, then you deserve the time and energy needed to heal.  You’re also worth the patience.  You’ve spent your whole life creating habits and patterns that don’t serve you.  So as a worthy being, you can give the next program that comes along a minute or two to start to change those habits and create new ones that will serve you and help create the life of your dreams.

And don’t stress about which program you should actually give your time and energy to.  Of course I have my preferences (I have openings for new clients now :)) but if you set the intention that you want to release limitations and start expanding your mind, you can’t make a wrong decision.  The only “wrong” decision is to give up on yourself. 

And remember, it’s a journey.  You’re never going to learn something that ends any further learning (beware of anything that makes such a claim).  You’re never going to find the one thing that “fixes” you or your life, mainly because you’re not broken!  You’re a spiritual being having a human experience, and what could be more worthy of giving your time, energy, and love too than that!