Thinking and Acting from Spirit

My thoughts and beliefs on who we are and where we came from seem to be ever-evolving.  At the moment part of that answer for me is that we are not “in” the Universe, we are the Universe.  The atoms that make up me and you, trees and rocks, this chair I’m sitting on and the air we breathe, all were forged in the heart of the stars millions and millions of years ago. We, as humans, are simply and wonderfully the way the Universe becomes conscious of itself.  But we are not separate from the Universe, just as we are not separate from one another, or the trees and rocks, or anything else.  There is a connection between all things, a source from which all things come.  This is what I think…today.  Tomorrow may be another story. 🙂

Having an understanding that there is a common source and connection can mean a lot of things for how we live our lives.  One thing that has been serving me lately comes from Dr. Wayne Dyer’s book “The Shift.”  He writes:

“If our true essence is Spirit, and we believe that is where we come from, it seems to me a simple task to reconnect to this authentic part of ourselves.  One way to do this is to shift our thoughts and actions to the ways in which we imagine creative energy thinks and acts when its energy materializes in form.  We need to be more like Spirit appears to be.  Since this is what we came from, our Divinity is our destiny, regardless of how we’ve neglected it over the years.  God or the great Tao, which we are all a part of, simply waits patiently for us to be like it is.  I imagine that the all-creating Spirit, if indeed it had any wants for us, would want us to realize that.”

We all can easily get caught up in our physical existence and our identity as a separate self, the ego, but this is the most limited part of ourselves. What might it be like if we all ceased thinking and acting from our limited selves and tapped into our Spirit, the Universe, Source, God, the Tao, or the Creative  Energy more often?  What if we asked ourselves in any given moment how would Spirit think and act in this situation?

When I, Jessica, tell myself I’m not good enough to accomplish my goals, what if I stopped and checked in with what Spirit would say about my abilities and worth?

When I, Jessica, catch myself judging someone for how they look, drive, or behave, what if I instead invited my Spirit response to that person?

When I, Jessica, am struggling with a decision, what if I looked to Spirit for guidance and answers?

The best part of this we don’t have to go far to check in with Spirit.  It’s always there within each of us.  It is ever-present, unchanging, and always loving.  It doesn’t care when we make mistakes or how long or how often we have forgotten about it.  Instead it waits patiently for us to realize our true nature and begin to claim our destiny, our Divinity.

How might your life be different if you were to think and act from Spirit more often?




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