How Can I Serve?

We all have those moments.  One minute you’re going with the flow of the Universe and then the next moment, Wham!, you’re not.

I’m in the middle of one of those moments now.

The last few weeks have been pretty wonderful.  I’ve been feeling great, choosing mostly creative thoughts, manifesting success for myself in my business, and achieving my goals.

And then this morning, Wham!  While walking my dog Molly, another dog got loose from his house and ran a block to us, picked up Molly by the neck, and would not let go.  Molly and I were both terrified.  I screamed and screamed at the dog and eventually pried his jaws off of her, and I got bit in the process as well, and at some point I fell hard to the ground.  The whole event lasted just seconds, but it felt like an eternity.

Molly and I are both okay.  She was checked out at the doggie ER and just has some abrasions on her neck.  I’ve got sore arm and elbow and some scraped fingers.  We are both tired and a bit shaken, and will probably be pretty sore tomorrow.

The whole day has been a bit of an emotional roller coaster.  From the terrifying events on the walk, to the fear of the injuries to Molly, to worry about my own health, to anger at the other dog’s owners, mixed with sympathy for them and the struggles I know they are having in their life right now, to guilt about the thought of having their dog taken away.

Three of my biggest values seem to be at odds in this one situation.  I love my dog so deeply and would do anything to protect her.  I have a strong connection to animals and never want to see them needlessly suffer.  I care about my fellow human beings and do not want to add to their struggles.

With this seeming opposition in mind I can feel the swirl of melancholy in my body, the mind’s attempts to get me to “check-out” and return to thinking this is all hard work, and the ego’s pull to drag be back out of the flow of the Universe.

I can feel it deeply, but I’m also watching it from afar as my true self and not buying what the ego would like me to believe.  Yes, I’m allowing my feelings and trying to understand what the core issue is for me here, but that doesn’t mean that I’ll allow my ego to use this situation to take control of my thoughts, my choices, and my life again.

Today I remembered a quote I heard from Wayne Dyer recently, one I’ve been using a lot the last few weeks.  He said the ego’s mantra is “What’s in it for me?” and the true self’s mantra is “How can I serve?”  This in a way seemed a silly question to ask while driving my dog to the ER, and at the same time was perfect the perfect question.  I can serve Molly by caring for her the best I can and by utilizing persons trained to help her in these kinds of situations.  I can serve my neighbor and her family, including her dog, by talking with them and not being afraid of asking for what I need.  And I can serve myself by being gentle and allowing myself to grieve this morning’s events, and by remembering that I’m still in the flow of the Universe.  I can still create what I want to create.  I can create a situation where all involved come out at a higher vibration than where we started this morning.



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